What Don’t You See? Reveal & Resolve Blind Spots Hampering High Reliability

Catastrophic incidents that have the ability to cause serious injuries or fatalities aren’t the norm, making it easy for leaders to feel overly confident instead of vulnerable, ultimately creating organizational blind spots. It takes a different kind of organization to develop leaders who, instead of asking, “Can it happen here?” ask, “How can it happen here?”
Some organizations have been successful in avoiding catastrophic events, even in environments with high-risk factors and complex operations. Known as high-reliability organizations, they have successfully eliminated their blind spots by significantly improving how they detect and respond to early warning signals and manage overall operational risk.
How do they do it? DEKRA organizational process safety expert Mike Snyder, human performance reliability leader Rajni Walia and executive consultant George Bower will explore practices that improve HRO culture within any organization. These approaches drive a new way of thinking about using holistic safety assessments to identify and respond to early warning signals, reduce human error, and enable improved decision-making.
Key learnings:
• Interventions to guide you toward a culture that promotes high-reliability thinking and reduced exposure to SIF potential
• Using unbiased, holistic assessments to evaluate how well safety programs are managing operational risk
• Practical, ready-to-implement actions to help teams improve risk-based decision-making
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