Purposeful Presence: How Leaders Show Up to Amp Up Performance

When leaders really engage at the place where work happens—the front line—they are practicing purposeful presence. This ability to fully focus, be present face-to-face, and make the workforce feel seen, heard, and understood is a tremendous force to catalyze organizational culture, enable meaningful change, and make seemingly impossible futures possible.
This webinar explains the three essentials of purposeful presence and how leaders can develop these skills:
1. Presence and Personal Mastery: “Hold space” in the moment by being fully present, attentive, and nonjudgmental. Respond appropriately within the engagement.
2. Powerful Questions: Use powerful solution-based questions that prompt a solutions-based, appreciative dialogue.
3. Intentional Listening: Intentionally listen in such a way that leaders connect to the audience and know which skills to use to reach the necessary outcome.
Purposeful presence refers not only to a leader’s actions but also to what is necessary for the workforce to recognize they are in the presence of a leader. It’s a method to demonstrate authenticity, credibility, and relatability.

Your Presenters:
Shannon Overland Principal Consultant, DEKRA
Shannon delivers expert coaching, learning & development, and management consulting to leaders and teams at a broad range of national and multinational companies.
Toni Fleming Vice President, DEKRA
Toni applies world of work insights, global social and economic trends, and leading-edge innovation to help improve safety outcomes and advance organizations through worker engagement.
Key Learnings:
  • Using purposeful presence to build trust and relationships
  • Holding the workforce capable through questioning
  • Enabling feedback-rich dialogue where information, perspectives, and ideas flow both ways
  • Creating environments conducive to meaningful exchanges and transformative change
  • Leveraging the resulting ROI and positive impact to co-create greatness
  • Inciting agency among front line workers to drive inclusivity and belonging
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