Revive to Thrive: Innovating BBS to Ignite Culture and Engagement

The Conference Board’s CHRO Confidence Index reveals that 75% of HR leaders say fortifying employee experience and organizational culture is a top priority. 70% of these leaders will focus on improving employee engagement at all levels.
Of course, leaders in all functions share responsibility for engagement, the overall employee experience, and molding and sustaining a desirable culture. To see results, leaders in Operations, EHS, and HR have to work together.
We’re seeing an uptick in companies wanting to revitalize or implement a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program as a path to align efforts. BBS and other programs suffered during the pandemic as focus shifted to other concerns. With turnover as well, many companies find themselves with new workers who have never been trained in BBS.
Is BBS a recipe for success? We’ll look at what needs to happen to make BBS effective for today’s work environment and the challenges organizations and front-line employees face.
Key Learnings:
  • How today’s environment is affecting employee engagement
  • BBS’s role in the modern workplace
  • What good, effective BBS looks like
  • How to use safety involvement to increase engagement
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