SIF Prevention in High-Risk Industries: Culture, Leadership, and…Now What?

Why is it so hard to protect people from injury or death on the job? Yes, the risks are inherently high in industries such as Utilities and others with dispersed workforces. But we know the risks exist, so what’s keeping us from better preventing SIFs?
This webinar panel discussion explores the two critical factors influencing SIF prevention—culture and leadership—and the ways each needs to evolve to achieve success. We’ll look at the symbiotic relationship between culture and safety, what leaders should focus on to positively impact safety, and how we can adjust our approach and tactics to enable safety to thrive.
Your Panel:
Facilitator Jack Balsamo Vice President, Executive Leadership Development, DEKRA
SIF Prevention Expert Erika Gwilt Vice President, Executive Consultant, DEKRA
Utility Industry Expert and Leader Scott Wyman President, Pennsylvania Operations, FirstEnergy
Key Learnings:
  • Why culture is never “fully baked”
  • High-impact areas leaders should pay more attention to
  • Gauging—and overcoming—people’s resistance to change
  • Why jumping to solutions is counter-productive, and what to do instead
  • Distinguishing the most critical processes for SIF
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