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DEKRA offers both complimentary public and company-requested private webinars. Contact us to request a quote for telecommute/remote training via our webinar platform.

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Do I Operate a Group H Occupancy? How Hazardous Materials Use and Storage Impacts Facility Occupancy Classification

When: February 22, 2023 at 2:00pm Eastern

The use and storage of hazardous materials in any structure can introduce facilities to several regulatory and permitting requirements. One of the most overlooked requirements is how hazardous materials utilization impacts a facility’s Building Code occupancy classification.

Model building codes in the United States establish strict requirements for hazardous materials through the occupancy classification process. These codes rely on the accurate determination of Group H occupancy designation to ensure proper building features are provided for occupant, facility, and emergency responder safety. Building codes don’t require the classification of every hazardous material use as a high-hazard occupancy, but rather apply thresholds that divide any traditional occupancy groups from a Group H occupancy.

This webinar will provide an overview of the model building codes used in the United States and describes a three-step process to ensure accurate classification. A case study featuring significant building code occupancy changes spurred by what appear to be minor facility use changes during the COVID-19 pandemic will be featured, including the conversion of non-hazardous operations to manufacture hand sanitizer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the Role of Occupancy Classification in the Model Building & Fire Code
  • Awareness of the Implications of Group H (High Hazard) Occupancy Classification
  • Understanding the 3-step Process Used to Accurately Classify Occupancies with Haz Mat
    • Characterize the Hazardous Material(s) planned or Used
    • Determine Use Category for Each Hazardous Material
    • Properly Account for the Quantity of Hazardous Material
  • Awareness of New Occupancy Classification Challenges facing Facilities Handling Combustible Dust.

Recent Changes in OSHA’s PSM Standard and Practical Application of PSM Concepts to Manufacturing Processes

When: April 19, 2023 at 2:00pm Eastern

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proposed significant changes to the Process Safety Management Standard (29 CFR 1910.119). The standard has not been updated since its publication in 1992. The standard was originally developed and published in response to several catastrophic chemical release incidents that occurred worldwide. Since then, there have been several catastrophic release incidents have occurred including the 2013 ammonium nitrate explosion at the West Fertilizer Plant, that renewed interest in process safety management (PSM).

As with any regulatory standard, end users are faced with the task of interpreting which sections apply to their operations and identifying ways to integrate regulatory requirements, good engineering, and manufacturing practices into their daily responsibilities.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Details of the new changes to the Process Safety Management Standard
  • How those changes could potentially impact your compliance and risk mitigation strategy
  • Practical solutions designed to help your organization achieve compliance and manage risk, even if you are not covered under the PSM Standard

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