Leading With Vulnerability: Lessons Learned from 2020 Webinar

It is our responsibility as Safety Leaders and Advocates to protect our workers, first responders, and the public from rare, catastrophic events that can occur when we use, store and transport hazardous materials. High Reliability Organizations consistently challenge themselves to ask the question “How can it happen here?” rather than asking “Can it happen here?”
DEKRA is taking a look back at some of the headlines from the past year to reflect upon what lessons we can all learn, regardless of our industry sector or the size of our organization, if we use, transport, or store hazardous materials. Key lessons will include reviews of the Beirut Ammonium Nitrate Explosion, a Los Angeles explosion involving a vape shop wholesaler that injured a dozen firefighters, the outcome of two legal proceedings for a “simple” truck unloading event in Kansas, and a fatal boiler explosion in Oklahoma.
In each of these instances, a catastrophic event occurred involving a hazardous chemical that did not seem to be regulated by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119, Process Safety Management, but they each left us with lessons that can be applied to prevent catastrophe and recognize potential blind spots in our organization when managing hazardous material risk. The webinar will also offer pragmatic tips on how to help instill a sense of vulnerability as we lead into 2021 so these catastrophic events never happen again.