Safety Considerations for Process Scale-Up

There are unique challenges when chemical reactions are scaled-up from a lab to pilot plant and then to full production. Safety considerations with a focus on thermal hazards, flammability, explosivity and material incompatibility will be provided during this webinar.
It is important to understand the energy generating potential of raw materials, intermediates, products and by products of the intended reaction, including the possibility for thermal runaway. Test methodology, equipment and relevant data will be reviewed. Examples of data and applications will be presented to identify critical parameters and properties to characterize. Test data are important to understand safe operating conditions, process design and safeguards or mitigating measures that may be necessary.
This webinar will summarize key safety considerations for process scale-up including relevant test data, test equipment and application of this information to process design and safeguards. It will also offer common "watch out" topics to be included during a hazard analysis and risk assessment to ensure critical parameters have been reviewed during scale-up.