Does DHA Revalidation Require a Do-Over? Webinar

The storage, handling and processing of combustible particulate solids are important parts of many processes. We consume and use many products that are derived from processing combustible solid particulates. Manufacturing companies face many challenges as they work to safely handle these materials.
The Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) is a proven process that helps manufacturers identify potential fire and explosion hazards associated with handling and processing combustible particulate solids. NFPA 652 – 7.1.4 requires DHA’s to be reviewed and updated every five years but does not provide specific guidance on what the five year review process looks like. How are manufacturers, that are already stretched to their limits in terms of time and resources, supposed to satisfy this requirement?
Proven techniques used for years to Revalidate Process Safety studies (HazOps, What-if Analyses, etc.) can be used to efficiently Revalidate DHAs. These techniques often do not require repeating the full DHA. In this webinar, DEKRA will present proven, practical tools, techniques and approaches that will help guide manufacturers through the revalidation process. After this presentation, manufacturers will be able to prepare for the revalidation process effectively and efficiently.