Our Approach - Brain-Centric Reliability™

Our Approach

Imagine if....
Science had evolved to the point where all operations could reliably run without any unplanned events, including serious injury, harm to the environment, damage to critical assets, and quality deviations that negatively impact customers and organizational brand and reputation?
Imagine if...
We knew the location of operational risk for human performance error within our organizations—our operational reliability gaps—allowing us to proactively address critical jobs and situations where error could lead to significant upset, including harm to people, or catastrophic events?
The new applied neuroscience has arrived and allows for the delivery of powerful solutions that target a new class of exposure that quietly puts all employees and organizations at risk. We call these the Brain-Centered Hazard™ exposures (BCHs) and these 'internal brain hazards' steer risk-based decision making even within mature safety and operations systems. We can now inoculate against these unplanned events by installing science-based solutions within work systems with the human brain in mind.
Too often, a reactive approach, taken post incident, attends to only a few obvious causes and contributors, but leaves out critical exposures related to the human brain, leaving us susceptible to unknown operational risk and repeat upsets or disasters.
The BCR™ system proactively identifies gaps and installs brain-aligned solutions that:
  • Analyze the operation for reliability strengths and gaps to inform a collaborative and sustainable path forward
  • Align the organization and sites on a foundation of operational risk to guide decision-making when competing demands are present
  • Apply neuroscience at the human/machine interface to reduce risk of error from Brain-Centered Hazard exposures in the physical work environment
  • Install Brain-Aligned Performance Tools (i.e., modify existing tools to create Brain-Aligned SOPs™, permits, JSAs, Brain-Activating Job Training™, and Brain-Activating Leadership Messaging)
  • Install Real-Time Reliability Drivers to enhance Individual and team, Right First Time capability (i.e., through Making Safe Decisions™, Brain-Centric Leadership™ Seminar, and online and face-to-face fatigue education for leaders and teams).
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