Brain-Centered Performance: Understanding How the Brain Works So We Can Work More Safely

This ebook addresses the discord between modern operations and human functionality, and explains the role brain-centric solutions play in achieving reliable performance and world-class safety.
The latest research out of neuroscience is revealing some troubling data: existing organizational cultures and procedures aren’t aligned with the actual functions and limitations of the human brain. The outcome is increased risk from what some are calling brain-centric hazards.
In our complimentary ebook we explore:
1. The ways organizations contribute to brain-centric hazards and risk-taking behavior
2. Activities that support greater human reliability and improve safety outcomes
3. How culture and SOPs impact human performance reliability
4. The very real risks created by brain fatigue and solutions for overcoming them
5. What neuroscience is telling us about factions of the human brain and what that means to workplace safety