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A Reliability Roadmap can be crafted from multiple, interrelated solution streams within the Brain-Centric Reliability™ System. It is designed to address the challenges posed when the human brain, and Brain-Centered Hazard exposures, are not understood. The solution streams within the Brain-Centric Reliability System are broken down by targeted objectives.

Brain-Centric Reliability

All Streams

Foundational courses for corporate and site leaders introduces participants to the root causes of human errors-Brain-Centered Hazard exposure-and identifies ways in which the work system inadvertently triggers such hazards and associated errors. Above anything else, it is recommended that organizations have a clear roadmap for driving human performance reliability into their operations across all levels of the enterprise as determined by a BCR Operations Analysis. Solutions within this stream are designed such that employees, at all levels of an organization, can start with a common understanding of the fundamental drivers of human performance reliability. An initial education on Brain-Centered Hazards Matrix that cause human error can be acquired by attending the Brain-Centric Leadership Seminar.

Brain-Centric Risk Management & Hazard Control

We know that most organizations have not ensured that their risk management and hazards control systems are brain-aligned, meaning that they don't often take into account the neuroscience of risk processing and hazard recognition. This solution stream is centered on establishing aligned standards and decision frameworks for managing operational risk from the boardroom through to frontline work teams and individual contributors.

Reliability-Focused Performance Management

The dynamic nature and complexity of global, mobile, extended-day, and 24/7 work, requires organizational leaders to have the knowledge and mindset to drive high human performance reliability across all job categories and all hours of operation. To do so, they need to have state-of-the-art understanding of how the human brain works, and the hazards that the brain can create during task performance. Moreover, to be effective, today's leaders need to know what organizational culture, structures, and practices can mitigate all Brain-Centered Hazards Matrix elements and enable employees to achieve and sustain Right First Time reliability, and solutions within this stream are designed for just that.

FRMS – Fatigue Risk Management System Solutions

Rising levels of human fatigue across all types of businesses have endangered organizational performance on key metrics like safety, reliability, quality, and even productivity. In fact, the costs to US businesses from fatigue-related absences and accidents are as high as $140 billion dollars per year. To truly mitigate these mounting risks to business success, companies need to build a comprehensive, aligned, and strategic system that monitors and mitigates fatigue exposures in the workplace. Solutions within this stream are designed so that organizational leaders can not only begin to understand and focus on fatigue-risk mitigation but also tackle fatigue at all of its root sources, rather than just managing it once it manifests in the workplace.

Brain-Centric Solutions Yield Results

Brain-Centric Solutions Yield Results