Say what you mean and mean what you say is an expression one hears in many situations. What does it really mean in a context of safety? Creating strong messages that influence engagement and performance is the crux of brain-aligned leadership messaging. Transformational leaders show skill in effective messaging by:
  • Inspiring Innovation – Achieving that future state with effective messaging, creates this vision.
  • Sparking Action – Shaping the message around what the receivers consider important.
  • Avoiding Confusion – Choosing words skillfully for clear and concise messaging that acknowledges traits contributing to past successes.
  • Providing Feedback – Formulating detailed messaging that either guides the audience in new directions or promotes continued helpful actions.
  • Engaging Body Language – Awareness of the leader’s body language (emotion, appearance, location) as the message is conveyed is instrumental to its reception and perception.
Brain-aligned messaging requires practice once the key components are learned. Crafting effective messages will further the advancement of leadership communication and could reduce safety exposures if the receiving audience is truly engaged.