Exposure Based Safety™ Technology

A recent survey shows 4 out of 5 companies in the US use some form of behavior-based safety (BBS) system. Yet, far too many of those companies fall short in addressing all of today's safety challenges.

Enter the Exposure Based Safety™ (EBS™) technology from DEKRA Organizational Safety and Reliability. It is the solution to today's workplace. This new technology will give you:

Better Data Collection - Real-time information gathering using smart phone or tablet instead of pen and paper

Better View of Exposure - A holistic vision of all types of exposures including brain-centric hazards

Better Analytics - Trends spotted immediately based on the feedback of people closest to the risks

Better Use of Resources - More efficient design than any of its BBS predecessors, getting you to exposure reduction in weeks instead of months

Better Problem-Solving - Dynamic dashboards that give quick action plans around the latest science and learnings on safety

Research out of the Cambridge University Judge School of Business found that, of all the BBS programs out there, DEKRA's Behavioral Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP) system was effective at keeping workers safe. Combine our BAPP principles with an upgrade to our new EBS technology, and you have a winning solution to today's safety challenges.

What is Exposure Based Safety & Why Does My Organization Need It?
See how we're raising the bar, and discover what Exposure Based Safety technology can do for your safety outcomes in today's workplace.

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The Exposure Based Safety Process
The Exposure Based Safety process is a new approach to addressing risks in the workplace. New science and new technology have allowed it to happen. The system is based on understanding the interaction between employee behavior and workplace environment - which can lead to injury - and introduces cutting-edge elements to help you get there. It is an upgrade to any behavior-based safety process that's come before it.

Here are 5 advantages Exposure Based Safety technology provides to help you address today's safety challenges:

The workplace is changing. Robots are becoming more common place in warehouses. Artificial intelligence is helping oil companies find new reserves. Workers are more tech-savvy than ever before. EBS technology makes new and better approaches to today's safety needs possible.

Having a cool Fitbit doesn't make you a world-class athlete. The same rule applies with safety. Great technology is not enough. You need solid methodology behind it. The EBS process gives you the latest mobile and dashboard technology combined with 30 years of best-in-class safety results from DEKRA. Furthermore, the EBS system incorporates new knowledge on brain-centric hazards from neuroscience and better addresses exposures that can lead to life-altering or life-ending injuries.

Risk to employees and enterprises today are more diverse than ever. To be truly excellent, organizations need to have a finger on the pulse of all the elements that contribute to risk including brain-centric hazards. The EBS process gives you the ability for agility by educating you on what it takes to detect and intervene with all of today's exposures.

In today's world, leaders need to continually find ways to create greater performance with fewer resources. The EBS process helps an organization more accurately pinpoint where they should be spending their dollars on fixing items. New learnings make the system more efficient and effective than its predecessors.

Employee engagement is the fuel that powers your safety performance improvement engine. If the workers don't buy in to what you're selling, exposure will not change, and incidents will continue to happen. The EBS process gives organizations new and more powerful ways to connect to their employees.

Applying a Safety Upgrade
The Exposure Based Safety process enhances your safety approach through education, skills training, and in-the-field coaching and guidance that will equip your organization to successfully implement the EBS technology. What used to take months under the BAPP system, will only take you weeks to get up-to-speed with on the EBS system. You'll get in-depth examinations of the principles driving today's workplace exposures as well as specific assignments to engage all members of your organization.

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