Insight Via Safety Management System

Tools, Analysis and Advice to Manage Data with Precision.

Insight Via SMS

The Insight Via Safety Management System (SMS) allows a vast amount of information to be recorded from a multitude of different sources with access from one convenient portal. This system removes the barrier of information silos and creates an approach to safety that puts people first.

With an assortment of configureable and integrated applications, Insight Via provides control, consistency and continuity to your safety process; freeing up valuable time that can be spent proactively mitigating risk in the workplace.

Efficiently and effectively manage data from a corporate level, or drill down into each location. With 6 levels of access and an integrated workflow throughout multiple applications for alerting and follow up, Insight Via allows you to incorporate and communicate safety with one, wholisitic program.



Eliminate information silos with any configuration of these integrated applications. Cut your time chasing information and actually apply it by using a system that helps you efficiently manage process workflows and creates real-time alerts and analytics with data sets from multiple applications.

Streamline Internal and External Audits

Create, complete, track, sort and manage your audits from start to finish in one centralized system. Confirm compliance, capture barriers and identify risks with confidence by using a system that generates alerting, streamlines corrective actions and facilitates follow-up activities to ensure your audits are being on-time and effective.


  • Schedule and track internal and external audits and inspections
  • Audit to internal policies or procedures to track compliance
  • Assign audit teams
  • Set frequency of audits
  • Customize audits specific to location and operation; assign maximum scores for each
  • Assign & track corrective actions to completion
  • Trend audit scores by policy, audit, audit question, or location over time
  • Identify repeat audit findings
  • Request corporate policy or procedural reviews based on audit findings
  • Generate, sort and track reports (completed/uncompleted, approved/unapproved, corporate/location)
  • Record audit completion dates and participation of audit teams
  • Force feedback from auditors based upon audit findings and scores available in multiple languages
  • Mobile capabilities through My Insight Mobile App

Track behavioral observations to identify risk and potential injuries

DEKRA's Behavior Based Safety application has the capacity to alter or build observation forms for specific facility types and integrates fully with all other Insight Via applications.


  • Identify, analyze and minimize potential accidents in advance
  • Application allows you to choose what behaviors to analyze
  • Collect and analyze observation data
  • Observe barriers that prevent safe working environments
  • Automatically create workflow to follow up with barriers observed
  • Assign and track corrective actions to remove barriers
  • Observations can be reviewed by managers and tracked
  • Generates easy-to-understand reports - in a variety of formats - based on behaviors, locations and degree of compliance with your company's stated objectives
  • Connect behavior safety observations with root cause analysis to evaluate leading vs. lagging indicators
  • Observations can be linked back to company policies and training requirements
  • Tanslates automatically into multiple languages
  • Directly links to our BBS EZ Scan and My Insight Mobile App

Print Behavior Based Safety checklists straight from the BBS application

Too often observation feedback is not used to improve company safety. This application allows EHS managers to easily capture observation feedback and act upon it to create a safer workplace.


  • Create observation checklist forms in BBS Application
  • Print observation checklist stright from Insight Via (SMS)
  • Upload behavior observation checklist into SMS
  • Real-time data update upon upload into SMS
  • Ability to track barriers to safe working conditions
  • Create investigations for follow-up based on barriers or unsafe conditions
  • Assign corrective actions to improve workplace safety
  • Real-time reporting to track and trend behaviors
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Works with any scanner, no special equipment needed
  • No custom printing required
  • No custom programming required
  • Same day setup to implementation

Quickly track compliance with any regularly scheduled activity at all work sites

This easy-to-use application allows managers to track company requirements. Setting expectations and tracking activities to completion is a proven strategy for results. Our tools make it easy.


  • Allows managers to assign tasks and/or activities to be completed at any regular scheduled time interval:
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Semi Annual
    • Annual
    • Multiple Year
  • Ability to create specific questions for each different facility type or location
  • Managers can assign employees to specific questions for accurate accountability
  • Set a specific time-frame in which reports must be completed. No "catching-up" or "working-ahead"
  • Work-site managers can add CAP questions that are specific to their operations
  • Robust reporting system keeps you on track to get regularly scheduled jobs done on time

Create, deliver and update safety policies and documents more efficiently

The ability to compare updated documents to outdated versions ensures the most recent policies are accurately reflected. The web-based Document Management application offered by DEKRA allows safety directors to streamline the process effectively, lessening the likelihood that inaccurate or out-of-date policy information will be distributed to employees.


  • Edit/update policy documents from one central web-based portal and auto-populate other applicable fields
  • Assign policies to different facility types; customize by operation, location and user access role
  • Compare different policy document versions for accuracy
  • Select/assign document owner(s) for each policy
  • Upload supporting files
  • Automatically generate notifications to managers when policy changes occur
  • Fully integrate policies and documents across different recordkeeping applications

Quickly and easily manage all required DOT documentation and updates for your CDL employees.

Maintaining complete and accurate driver qualification files is a snap with this easy-to-use application. Never miss a license, medical card, or endorsement renewal again.


  • Fill out and require DOT form completely and accurately with employer and employee information
  • Easily track and report on which forms are missing
  • Schedule license renewal dates and alerts for each driver
  • Schedule medical card renewal dates and alerts for each driver
  • Schedule and track annual reviews
  • Track training, endorsements and CEU's
  • Activate or inactivate part-time drivers for accurate recordkeeping
  • Easily track MVR's and previous employer information
  • Create employee engagement by providing "compliance overview" reporting between locations
  • Track driver compliance by location, region, business unit or roll everything up for an overall corporate review
  • Track accident records by individual driver

Identify and evaluate incidents to reduce workplace risk

This application provides safety managers to with the necessary tools to effectively analyze root causes and develop effective corrective actions.


  • Customize incident types, forms and investigations to what your programs currently track
  • Pre and post-risk assessment capabilities
  • Track incident reports and investigations to completion
  • Cost tracking
  • Upload photos and supporting documents for detailed reference
  • Analyze reports to indentify incident trends and root causes
  • Indentify inadequate or ineffective policies, training or behavior by cross referencing application information in reports
  • Assign corrective actions specific to incidents
  • Enter and generate OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 forms (US specific)
  • Generate corrective action assignment notifications to key personnel's email or mobile device
  • Supports multiple languages

Documentation and retention of employee training

This tool will enable EHS compliance managers to implement, document and track training activities within their organization. Effortlessly organize your training classes and quizzes in the system to provide control, consistency and continuity within your organization's requirements.


  • Access and update training materials from one web-based portal
  • Add classes and training material for easy access by employees
    • Input instructions for trainers (i.e. how training should be presented, materials, etc.)
    • Select mandatory and suggested training positions for each class
    • Upload videos, photos, tests and related supporting materials directly to each class
    • Link training programs to corporate policies; associate with a policy
  • Assign trainers and track compliance requirements by employee, location, operation, and facility type
  • Design and schedule training programs to match seasonal requirements and corporate goals using the training calendar feature
  • Subscribe to different report formats to track trends and monitor/ document compliance
  • Track and generate reports by class, location, operation, employee and more
  • Available in multiple languages

*Scanning Technology available

This application allows leadership to manage a more efficient and effective Food Safety Management System - compliant with all ISO certifications.

Give your organization the ability to keep it's food safety management systems current, active and accessible by documenting processes to ensure a safe product.


  • Upload and update policy and procedure manuals
  • Track all policy changes and automatically version updated documents
  • Location and corporate specific documents
  • Store safety data sheets (SDS)
  • House inspections, audits and forms
  • Upload supporting files
  • Assign document ownters to get alerted to perform policy or document reviews
  • Automatically generate notifications to managers when procedure changes occur
  • Track food safety incidents and investigations to completion
  • Easily assign action items to track for follow up and compliance
  • Tie procedures to training programs, incident investigations and audits for integrated reporting funcitons
  • Track training with signature retention and generate compliance reports
  • Set specific goals and track performance
  • Filtering and exporting options available for easy reporting
  • Available in multiple languages

Benchmark company safety performance

Directly assess your organization's safety performance and streamline the process of prioritizing which safety activities will most effectively reduce risk


  • Performance Insight dashboard allows for configuration of company specifice Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and data metrics
  • Request specific data groups for comparing performance metrics
  • Create reports based on KPIs to assess performance with organizations in specified data groups
  • Heatmap generates a month-to-month performance comparison to selected data groups
  • Drill down functionality to benchmark within your own organization
  • Save custom created charts for future viewing and use
  • Export capabilities availabe for all charts & data being measured

Organize all maintenance in one, easy-to-use system

This application puts control in the hands of the maintenance manager. The ability to customize maintenance schedules and work orders - including instructions for how specific maintenance acvities and tasks should be performed - and ensures that maintenance is accurate, consistent, and in line with company objectives.


  • Management controls who enters information into the application
  • Label critical maintenance and issues
  • Location specific maintenance and tasks
  • Service intervals
  • Printable maintenance records
  • Calendar view of scheduled maintenance and tasks
  • Record all parts and attributes of individual equipment
  • Ability to upload owner's manual
  • Upload supporting files including pictures
  • Track cost for contractor labor, internal labor and materials
  • Create, edit and print work orders
  • Robust reporting
  • Track cost of most expensive maintenance and tasks
  • Ability to track tmaintenance on entire machine or by individual machine part
  • Track machine mileage and hours
  • Track history of all preventative maintenance activities
  • Track compliance with preventative maintenance schedules
  • Alert management of past due maintenance activities and tasks
  • Available in multiple languages

Put the power of Insight Via to work for your Process Safety Management

Efficiently implement the elements of PSM and RMP programs using the integrated suite of applications found only in the Insight Via Safety Management System.

Web-Based Policy Manual

  • PSM/RMP policies available anywhere/anytime
  • Control levels of employee access
  • Establish document ownership
  • Automatically version policies when updated
  • Integrate policy related audits
  • Establish notifications for policy review
  • Upload Process Safety Information links to external documents and forms

Incident Reporting System

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) findings
  • Audit findings
  • Management of Change (MOC) requests
  • Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR)

Safety professionals available to assist with:

  • Collecting and assembling Process Safety Information (PSI)
  • Conducting Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Drafting P&IDs and PFD
  • Conducting compliance audits
  • EPA Hazard Assessment (Off-site Consequence Analysis)
  • Submitting RMPs to EPA

Preventative Maintenance Application

  • Upload equipment data & specifications
  • Establish work plans

Training Application

  • Set up training programs
  • Schedule and record training events

Allow leadership to manage a more efficient and effective Quality Management Program - compliant with all ISO certifications

The application allows you to keep your organization's quality management systems current, active and accessible by documenting processes to ensure a quality product.


  • Update/upload quality policy and procedure manuals
  • Edit/update and automatically version information
  • Store material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • House inspections and audits
  • Schedule and implement local quality meetings
  • Assign porcedures to different facilty types
  • Upload supporting files
  • Select/assign document owners for each procedure
  • Automatically generate notifications to document owners when procedure reviews are due
  • Automatically generate notifications to managers when procedure changes occur
  • Tie procedures to training programs, incident investigations and audits
  • Location and corporate specific documents
  • Robust reports
  • Generate reports to document procedure changes and implementation
  • Available in multiple languages

Easily store and access Safety Data Sheets

The SDS applicaton allows each location to easily access and manage Safety Data Sheets associated with company requirements.


  • Access SDSs online in an easty-to-use company portal
  • Manage sheets corporately to drive compliance for each location
  • Sheets can be stored as files or links for ease of use
  • Document uploads can be classified by language
  • Managers can select specific sheets associated with their location
  • Search capabilities available to quickly find documents in the database
  • SDS specific labeling
  • Track review dates and reviewrs by location and SDS
  • Export option available for SDS list
  • Track and generate reports by chemical or location
  • Report subscriptions available

Identify risk and reduce incidents with a systems approach to hazard analysis

This easy-to-use application allows access to all task hazards, steps and procedures while ensuring that your workers are trained on the correct steps and procedures... every time.


  • Managers can break tasks into chronological steps
  • Assess the risk associated with each step and task
  • Select the positions that will be affected by individual tasks
  • Recommend personal protective equipment for each task or step within a task
  • Printable tasks and procedures
  • Create training fequency for each task
  • Train on the proper steps and teh associated risks
  • Assign and track review frequencies for each task
  • Record task training for employees once a task has been finalized
  • Track versions of individual tasks
  • Upload files for visual instructions
  • Task library kept for easy task creation
  • Separate tasks by process, business unit, department and shift
  • Deliver tasks and hazard anlysis with control, consistency and continuity throughout your company, regardless of employee position
  • Robust reporting system
  • Translates into mulitple languages

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