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DEKRA Adaptive Suite

Take Control with an integrated Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management system backed by experts

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Safety management is more complex than ever. You have more EHS data to manage, exposures to control, decisions to make, regulatory requirements to fulfill, and above all, people, property, and communities to keep safe. DEKRA Adaptive Suite keeps you on top of it, in one place, with purpose-built applications configurable to your needs.

Meeting you where you are. Getting you where you need to be.

Safety management looks different for different companies. For some it’s a manual process, heavy on spreadsheets and light on efficiency. Others leverage technology, but rely on stand-alone applications that make it challenging to get a holistic view. Or they might use an all-in-one platform, but without much flexibility, so users have to conform or make do with less than they really need.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite is none of those. Our safety experts considered what the ideal safety management system should be and do, and built Adaptive Suite to meet those ideals..

A safety management system should make your workplace safer, allowing each employee to go home each day healthy and injury free.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite promotes a safety culture and engages employees. Communication tools, training support, and safety performance dashboards keep employees informed, involved, and accountable. Engaged employees observe safety protocols, report near misses, and actively contribute to a safer work environment.

A safety management system should meet you where you are on your safety journey.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite is scalable and flexible to support your organization and your industry as it grows and changes. Accommodates organizations of all sizes in all industries.

A safety management system should address the most critical areas of workplace safety.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite provides integrated and holistic EHS management. A single platform addresses document management, incident reporting, preventive maintenance, audit management, and training.

A safety management system should simplify compliance with safety regulations, industry standards, and best practices to save time and resources.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite centralizes documentation, automates compliance workflows, and generates reports, making it easier to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate adherence to safety standards.​ Imagine creating year-end reports in minutes!

A safety management system should empower safety professionals to proactively identify exposures and reduce injuries.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite drives better decision-making through data collects, analyzes, and presents safety data in a meaningful way. Real-time reports, key performance indicators (KPIs), and trend analyses help you see around corners to prevent injuries and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date safety information. ​

A safety management system should generate return on investment (ROI).

DEKRA Adaptive Suite takes care of your people by reducing workplace incidents, improves operational efficiency, and ensures compliance. Minimizes costs associated with accidents, insurance premiums, regulatory penalties, and reputational damage, while also enhancing productivity and employee morale.​

A safety management system should enable continuous improvement without burdensome processes.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite breaks down information silos and efficiently manages diverse EHS processes to simplify safety management.

DEKRA Adaptive Suite

Spend less time chasing data and more time proactively mitigating risk.

Adaptive Suite is a web-based EHS management system that includes five integrated applications. Each application is configurable to meet your needs without having to install or maintain software. You’ll bring control, consistency, and continuity to your safety processes with the following applications.

Apps in DEKRA Adaptive Suite

Document Management

  • Centralizes information
  • Safeguards version control and compliance
  • Empowers collaboration and communication

Audit Management

  • Supports effective audit processes
  • Enables superior compliance
  • Fosters continuous improvement in EHS management


  • Helps with compliance management
  • Centralizes training records
  • Improves visibility and accountability
  • Clarifies training needs
  • Assesses training program effectiveness
  • Provides robust reporting and analytics

Maintenance System

  • Enables smoother operations
  • Reduces downtime
  • Increases safety
  • Better utilizes facility resources

Incident Reporting

  • Reduces incidents and exposures
  • Identifies exposures with SIF potential
  • Improves EHS performance overall

Transform EHS management with the know-how of industry-leading professionals with decades of experience.

The most valuable technology tools don’t just help you do something faster; they help you do it better. To make that happen, you’ll have a personally assigned DEKRA customer success manager and access to a team of specialists to answer questions and troubleshoot.

If you’re ready for an EHS management system that protects employees by identifying exposures, saves time, increases efficiency, and enables continuous improvement, request a demo of DEKRA Adaptive Suite and learn more about our solution and the expert thinking behind it.

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