Transportation Industry Safety

Understanding the unique safety challenges facing transportation employees today

Keeping the world on track
Fast-paced, continually changing and highly complex, public transit agencies keep the world on the move. Whether building new stations or roadways, adding new technology, maintaining infrastructure or bringing new equipment on-line, transit employees face myriad unforeseen challenges and risks, all while providing on-time delivery and customer-friendly service. Our public safety experts work with clients to create sustainable safety performance improvements that deliver safe, smart solutions to the transportation industry. In an industry that requires a fine-tuned combination of people, process and data, we are committed to keeping the business of transportation running smoothly and safely.
We use information to power action
Between scheduling, maintenance, performance, policy and communication, the transportation business runs on information. We leverage observation data, inspection reports, verification audit information, and other safety metrics to develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing transportation safety employees. We identify, track and eliminate exposures in your sites, yards, and routes, adapt and apply best-in-class injury prevention methods, target exposures with severe injury potential, and put the right systems and solutions in place to anticipate and prevent exposures before they happen.
We build proud cultures of safety and efficiency
Given their size, geographical diversity and reach, it is critical for transportation organizations to start at the top, and build and sustain defined organizational cultures of safety. Implementing these kind of organizational changes not an easy task. Our leadership development programs help leaders at all levels communicate their vision and develop smart, sustaining strategies for safety. We put the right people in the right places to advance safety culture. And our commitment to top to bottom employee engagement helps build effective, open, two-way lines of communication that foster a deep sense of organizational pride, ownership and accountability.
We never forget that the transportation industry is a people-driven business
Transportation leaders must oversee employee safety across diverse work practices, hazards, and employee populations—and protect customer safety across multiple complex environments at all times of day and night. Each hour, each day, millions of people are exposed, and millions of lives are at stake. Our comprehensive safety strategies start and end with the people they serve. We build management systems, leverage information to create a framework for leadership, and emphasize communication to build cultures that drive home safety as an organizational priority. But at the heart of it all, our goal is to give transportation employees optimal peace of mind — and help people get where they are going safely.