Manufacturing Safety

Developing safety as a core value of the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry: building for safety
The professionals and organizations in the manufacturing industry work tirelessly to make and deliver the products we cannot live without. From major factories to intricate micro-manufacturers, the industry entails a great deal of exposure to risk – there are relentlessly high levels of pressure to produce, the hours are long and the tools of the trade require training and caution. Our experts work with leading manufacturers to help them safely deliver world-class products – and build sustainable cultures of safety excellence that ensure peace of mind for their professionals, those who work with them and the communities in which they work.
We help manufacturers build cultures
For manufacturing companies, large and small, safety must be a core element of the business. Rather than simply appointing a solitary safety expert, we help organizations build cultures that “live safety” in everything they do. This kind of organizational sea change is difficult to achieve. It requires a strategy and a clear framework for safety. Leaders must clearly define expectations, reward and reinforce performance, and use discipline only when fairly enforced and clearly necessary. The result is an intrinsic culture of safety excellence, built on smart planning, tireless effort, and consistency of message -- and defined by universal engagement and mutual support.
We believe in consistent reinforcement of the message of safety
Collaboration and communication between leadership and their employees is critical -- the best leaders are equally adept at talking and listening. We put programs in place that train leaders to clearly define and articulate their personal safety vision, work with supervisors to communicate roles and responsibilities, and build channels that guide and reinforce the message of safety throughout the organization. Most importantly, we facilitate open, dynamic, two-way dialogues that allow all employees to have ownership and engagement—serving as critical partners in building and improving their company’s safety culture on an ongoing and sustaining basis.
In large organizations, information is king
The most reliable way to achieve the consistent excellence that leading factories and manufacturers crave is to gather information – and to qualify that information so that it is the right information—targeted and actionable. Hazard analyses, safety checklists, inspection reports—these are the guidelines that keep a steady stream of valuable information available to leadership at all levels of an organization. We use proven, industry leading technologies to collect, manage and interpret critical data—real, powerful data that allows us to proactively identify exposure risks before they happen, monitor performance through proven systems, and investigate and analyze past events to ensure that they don’t happen again.