Engineering And Construction Safety

Implementing strong frameworks in the face of the toughest safety challenges

Construction and Engineering: Building safety excellence
In the business of construction, the workplace is a moving target. It can be a commercial jobsite or a private home, around the corner or on a different continent. Implementing strong frameworks for safety in the face of these challenges in range and geographical reach requires committed excellence in communication; great leaders must have a safety strategy and an organizational culture that incorporates safety in everything they do. We are honored to help construction and engineering firms around the world define and deliver a message of safety, and reduce the risk and exposures of those who work for them and with them, day in and day out, all over the world.
We build strong foundations
Construction companies increasingly recognize the need to integrate safety into their core business strategy. Safety must be a basic operational tenet, not an ancillary offshoot overseen by a lone safety officer in the home office. This type of wholesale integration is not only the right thing to do; it actually creates operational efficiencies, streamlines processes, optimizes value and provides a proven competitive advantage. We support industry-leading construction companies in thinking differently, providing bold safety leadership, and fully incorporating safety into the very fabric of their organizations.
We build cultures of engagement that start with safety
Great construction leaders are builders. They create frameworks for success that put the right processes in the hands of the right people in the right places. They are communicators, recognizing that safety leadership starts at the top, but is carried throughout an organization with support and engagement on multiple fronts, multiple levels. Our proven leadership programs help forward-thinking leaders define their message of safety, create organizational frameworks that support the delivery and enforcement of their message, and build sustainable cultures of safety that engage people and encourage excellence at all levels of leadership.
We use science to see problems before they arise
We work with leaders to continually assess the state of their safety culture, analyze and investigate past events, and proactively identify opportunities for safety improvement before they become dangerous problems. With industry-leading technologies for the capture, organization and analysis of data, managed by proven thought leaders in the business and science of safety, we continually work to stay on the cutting edge of safety science. This unmatched combination of people and technology is at the core of what we do, continually working to identify and prevent risks, eliminate exposures and save lives.
We never forget we are protecting people
A successful construction project requires the combined efforts of a wide range of experts – from engineers and architects to framers, carpenters and other specialized subcontractors. Great construction safety leaders are continually guided by an organizational imperative to protect the safety and well being of these talented professionals. We never forget that projects are delivered by people; and work tirelessly with construction leaders to protect the health and safety of those that provide shelter and services, react and respond in times of emergency, and build the communities in which we live and work.