7 Steps to Creating Behavioral Reliability in the Short-Term Project Environment

Construction, turnaround, and other short-term projects face a unique safety challenge. How do you develop strong safety habits in your workforce—an effort that usually requires a year or more—when the project is over in a matter of months? And, should the project extend beyond that timeframe to a few years, how do you avoid losing your investment once the job ends and your workers disband?
This white paper discusses the project safety challenge and presents seven steps to creating behavioral reliability in the short-term environment. Download the white paper and start eliminating the exposure in your volatile project environment.
In our complimentary white paper we cover:
1. The critical role climate plays in promoting safer performance in the short term
2. Key steps to establishing operational reliability and commitment to safety
3. New findings that identify the best peer-to-peer observations strategies
4. Quick and easy wins that engage the workforce in safety improvement