Chemicals Industry Safety

Partnering with a high-risk industry to improve the safety of its employees and community

Chemicals: Safety at the forefront of innovation

Safety management in the chemicals industry brings a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Chemical exposures can range from the large-scale risks of mass-manufacturing or chemical storage to an accidental inhalation of a dust, vapor or odorless, colorless gas; an immediate response to a trip and fall accident on the job, or managing the delayed and widespread effects of a food or water contamination. As a three trillion dollar contributor to the global economy, industrial and household consumers alike rely upon the chemicals industry. For an industry that is at its heart about people, the safety of employees, consumers and communities is of paramount importance. We partner with the world’s leading chemical organizations to anticipate, isolate and mitigate safety concerns and create strong, productive and sustainable organizational cultures.
Behind safety, there is science
Our solutions are people-oriented, but they are also information-powered and data-driven. Our proven diagnostic tools, lab testing and process safety engineering solutions give you deep insights and actionable data for an integrated organizational safety plan. Throughout the change management process, our benchmarking solutions track the efficacy of your safety systems, providing real results and instant analysis. Whatever your safety needs, we give you the knowledge to act decisively and respond quickly to prevent and address safety concerns and exposures.
Behind the science, there are leaders
The chemicals industry is driven by strong leaders, committed to creating powerful cultures of safety that permeate all levels of their organizations. Our leadership solutions focus on creating a functional framework of leadership behaviors – building open, reciprocal lines of communication and developing a top-to-bottom safety approach that values input, encourages accountability and reinforces both the technical and management aspects of performance.
Our commitment is real
Put simply, we have a passion for safety. We recognize the stakes of dealing with large-scale industries such as chemicals—the impact that these organizations have on the world around them, and the collective commitment of thousands required to make them run. At DEKRA Insight, we have assembled a global team of industry leaders, experts in safety, visionary thinkers. It is our collective goal to encourage strong safety leadership, inform rigorous process safety performance, limit exposures, improve organizational functioning and create smart and sustaining organizations where people can feel safe to perform their best.