BAPP Technology Workshops

Equipping employees with the skills and tools they need to work safely

Safety isn’t static. Our organizations are ever-evolving with new demands, shifting challenges, and changing roles. Your safety process can’t sit idly by and watch, or today’s new exposures may become tomorrow’s injuries. BAPP Technology Curriculum helps you and fellow BAPP Technology practitioners stay ahead of the shift, develop stronger and more engaged stakeholders, and support a sustainable, high-performing process.

BAPP Technology Curriculum enables and empowers the employees you trust to champion process principles for a safer workplace. Workshops are led by seasoned DEKRA Insight consultants and developed from direct feedback and process implementations at more than 2600 sites around the world.

These workshops are for licensed BAPP® clients only.

Facilitator Skills Workshop (4 Days)

Sustain and support your process by equipping your facilitators with the practical skills and tools they need to succeed in their vital role. This workshop also provides an enriching networking opportunity with other BAPP® technology facilitators and a forum for discussing and developing solutions to challenges specific to your implementation.


Mon, August 12 - Thu, August 15, 2019Oxnard, CA, United States$1,950Register Now

Managing an Established Process (4 Days)

This workshop gives you the tools and skills you need to keep your behavior-based safety process effective for the long-haul. With diligence and dedication, BAPP® initiatives are absolutely sustainable, even through significant organizational change. For Facilitators, the key rests in effectively managing the evolving issues that arise in any established effort. This intensive workshop draws on findings from BST research to help facilitators meet these challenges head on.


Mon, September 30 - Thu, October 3, 2019Oxnard, CA, United States$1,950Register Now
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