Agribusiness And Safety

Using science for safety improvement

Agribusiness: Cultivating safe solutions
The business of agriculture requires the information to assess current situations, the vision to create adaptable and efficient solutions, the people to put leading processes in place and the science to make it happen. From large-scale storage facilities and heavy machinery to spill management and chemical control, the safety risks are great and varied. We are proud to help agribusiness clients build sustainable cultures of safety that protect their employees and those around them as they develop technologies and solutions that help people and feed the world.
We use science for safety
Agriculture businesses operate at the cutting edge of information. Continually pushing the boundaries of science, operating in a climate of ever-changing regulations, agribusinesses rely on critical and timely data to perform. Similarly, we use data to further the science of safety. Our programs for the collection, management and analysis of data allow us to assess safety processes and identify exposures, arming safety professionals with critical information and proactively addressing risks before they become problems.
We help cultures grow sustainably
Agribusiness clients are in the growth business. Yields do not pop up magically overnight. Similarly, safety is not a one-time undertaking—it’s a steady growth and nourishment of a corporate culture. Our initiatives prioritize safety as an integral part of your organization—building on a framework of clearly identified goals, and fostered through awareness, training, and communication. With proven leadership programs, development of open lines of communication and training in discipline and positive reinforcement for safety performance, we help organizations build cultures of safety that start with a strong foundation and grow sustainably over time.
Our solutions are people-powered and people-driven
We have assembled a deep bench of industry thought leaders dedicated to helping agribusiness clients create strong, efficient frameworks for safety. Leadership programs help agribusiness leaders clearly define and articulate their safety goals. Employee engagement programs reward excellence and build communication, camaraderie, ownership and accountability. We have worked with leading agribusiness clients around the world, and recognize a common commitment to the safety and wellbeing of their employees and those affected by their business. It is our mutual goal to remember that people are at the heart of what we do—and make the business of feeding people and industry a safe and sustainable one.