ISO 27001 Certification

Dependable information security with ISMS certification according to ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Certification

As digital networking of production and delivery processes gets deeper, the potential for attacks gets greater. Obsolete technology, incorrect handling, or infections with malware via the internet can pose risks for companies. Cybercrime, IT outages, espionage, and data misuse are the consequences.

With the globally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 standard, your company has the opportunity to introduce a robust information security model. The use of a documented information security management system (ISMS) enables you to react strategically to information security requirements from customers, your industry, and the government.

Our experienced auditors guide you through the individual stages of ISO 27001 certification. This enables you to uncover possible risks and considerably increase your level of information security. Our certification serves as proof that data protection and information security are important to you and that your company can react flexibly to unexpected threats. The primary protection goals of confidentiality, availability, and data integrity are supported by this certification.

Your successful certification according to ISO 27001

Certification process for ISO 27001– DEKRA Certification

With the introduction of an information security management system (ISMS) and our ISO 27001 certification, you can comply with legal requirements and meet the needs of your customers when it comes to information security. However, technical measures alone cannot ensure a high level of information security. The documentation associated with information security management, which takes into account all relevant operational risks, is crucial as well. It is the interaction of technical and organizational measures that creates a robust level of security.

The ISO 27001 certification process involves a preparatory phase prior to the audit proper. These steps include:

Client's preparatory activities

  • Determining the scope of the ISMS
  • Defining information security guidelines and goals
  • Developing a risk assessment and risk treatment methodology
  • Preparing a declaration of applicability
  • Preparing a risk management plan and risk assessment report
  • Defining security roles and responsibilities
  • Creating a list of assets
  • Ensuring acceptable use of assets
  • Defining guidelines, e.g. for access control according to Annex A of ISO 27001

Certification audit implementation

If desired, the ISO 27001 certification process can begin with a preliminary audit prior to initial certification, in which the ISMS documentation is reviewed and checked for completeness and conformity to standards.

The ISO/IEC 27001 certification audit consists of a first stage for checking the ISMS documentation and determining whether the company is ready for certification (readiness assessment) followed by a second stage for testing the efficacy of the ISMS.

Our auditors document the audit in a report and evaluate your company's ISMS. In the next step, the certificate and the DEKRA seal are issued for a maximum term of three years.

The first surveillance audit takes place within one year of the initial audit, and the second surveillance audit in the following year.

In the case of recertification, the certification cycle is repeated from the Stage II certification audit through the surveillance audits.

Strengthen confidence with ISO 27001 certification

If you have already certified your quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 , you have an optimal basis for an integrated information security management system (ISMS) according to ISO 27001. With the inclusion of enhanced information security in your quality management program, you signal both externally and internally that company and customer-related data security is important to you. Your reputation will also benefit, providing clear advantages in attracting new orders and customers.

Excellent IT security management according to ISO 27001

With our ISO 27001 certification, you upgrade your company’s entire quality management policy. Our experts have many years of experience in the field of information security and the certification of management systems. With our recognized DEKRA seal, you'll document your excellence in information security management and gain competitive advantage.

In addition, we offer certification according to other standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 , or ISO 45001 . You can also take advantage of an integrated certification.


ISO 27001 is an international standard covering information security implementation for organizations. It was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and has established itself as a globally-recognized standard.

Information security serves as preventive protection from damage and threats to organizations’ data and information. With the help of proven technical and organizational measures defined in industry standards, weak points and security gaps can be identified and remedied appropriately.

The three core objectives of information security are:

  • Confidentiality: protection of confidential information against unauthorized access
  • Integrity: minimizing risks and ensuring the completeness and accuracy of data and information
  • Availability: ensuring reliability and usability for authorized access to information and information systems

The abbreviation ISMS stands for Information Security Management System. The ISMS defines rules, methods, and measures to control, manage, and ensure information security. An ISMS can be implemented in your company within the scope of certification according to ISO 27001 and checked for its effectiveness.

ISO 27001 certification offers you numerous advantages:

  • You minimize your company's liability and risks
  • You reduce your costs
  • You identify and reduce threats to your business
  • You protect your confidential data and information
  • You secure the trust of customers and business partners
  • You increase your competitiveness
  • You meet the requirements of auditors

ISO 27001 is suitable for every industry, since today almost all companies use information technology systems and depend on their security. The requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 are designed to be applicable to any company, regardless of industry or size.

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