Safety Insight: Remembering the Top 10 Process Safety Rules

Dec 16, 2019
Focusing Attention on Key Factors to Manage Process Safety Risk
A key component in any successful Process Safety Management (PSM) program is to continuously improve. Every operation needs to maintain a sense of vulnerability and strive to exceed minimum regulatory requirements. A useful tool for many organizations to reflect on this topic is to leverage DEKRA’s Top 10 Rules for Process Safety. These Rules can be used by leadership or other individuals responsible for process safety management to support a culture that embraces the understanding of hazard and risk, driving proper management of risk, and to value learning from experience.
Introducing the Top 10 Rules for Process Safety
Process Safety performance improvement must be a recurring discussion in any organization. Today, even with all of the safety systems that have been developed, industries are experiencing several Process Safety incidents globally. These catastrophic events involving the loss of containment of highly hazardous materials have results in many catastrophic events.
While this series of 10 essential rules is targeted to Process Safety professionals, these rules can also serve as a seed for discussions in many forums including Safety Meetings and Process Safety Moments. It gives a new perspective on what should be considered to manage and improve process safety at various levels in your organization. When effectively utilized, each rule can serve as a discussion point in your company by providing examples and advice on what best in class companies are doing.
Making a Process Safety Difference in your Organization
While certainly not a complete Process Safety program, the Top 10 Rules for Process Safety will focus attention on several of the most important aspects that help identify “What Good Process Safety Looks Like”. Following these rules, applying them to appropriate activities, and reviewing them periodically in various employee forums will contribute to reducing risk in your organization.
Where can you get more information?
For more information, please refer to DEKRA’s Focus Article on The Top 10 Rules for Process Safety ( https://www​.dekra​.us/en/top-10-rules-for-process-safety/ ). You can start your conversation today by downloading our handy Top 10 Rules for Process Safety Poster ( https://www​.dekra​.us/en/faq-sheet-top-10-rules-poster/ )
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