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Global Market Access

safety market access

Ensuring open doors to international markets

In a time of escalating pressure on profitability, exploring global markets can be the key to achieving sustained growth. By expanding their global footprints, companies can often gain a competitive edge – catering to a new target group’s unattended needs, offering them new variety in comparison to local products and tapping into markets yet to be discovered by the competition. As globalization connects people, companies and governments around the world, foreign markets can hold great promise and potential. But how can you reach them?

At DEKRA, we can help you navigate national and international rules and regulations, and to obtain the local certification and approval marks that you need to export your products to new markets around the world.

Wireless Type Approval

Next to adhering to the requirements in safety, make sure the technologies inside your products are ready for business across the globe and learn more .


  • Global service: Benefit from our global service network with experts, offices and test labs in all four corners of the world.
  • Shorter time to market: Gain a competitive edge and market your products more efficiently. DEKRA's experts are always ready to share their knowledge.
  • Regulatory & Approvals Database: Although your focus may be on R&D and product development, staying up to date on the latest changes in regulatory requirements is a must. Our regulatory and approvals database is the ideal resource.

More often than not, marketing products abroad implies dealing with different technical standards and different sets of governmental regulations under disparate legal systems. What applies internationally may not be applicable locally. DEKRA’s international market access services ensure that all the relevant standards and regulations are taken into account, so that your products can be exported and marketed around the globe. We can help you get your products compliant with the international standards (IEC) including the relevant national deviations. Certification itself will be based on our own accreditations or will be arranged through our network of partners.

Selected recognitions:

  • IECEE – International
  • CENELEC – Europe
  • ENEC – Europe
  • CSA – USA & Canada
  • FM - USA & Canada
  • MET - USA & Canada
  • INMETRO – Brazil
  • ANATEL – Brazil
  • NOM – Mexico
  • ONAC – Colombia

  • SABS – South Africa
  • BIS – India
  • SNI – Indonesia
  • CCC – China
  • EAC – Eurasian Economic Union
  • PSI – Japan
  • TIIS – Japan
  • KC – Korea
  • KCC – Korea
  • ST – India and Malaysia

  • SIRIM – Malaysia
  • PS – Philippines
  • ICC – Philippines
  • BSMI – Taiwan
  • TISI – Thailand
  • TSE – Turkey
  • CoC – Israel
  • SASO – Saudi Arabia
  • KUCAS – Kuwait
  • GCC – Gulf Countries

Exporting to:

Certification is a must for any company looking to market products in the USA and Canada. Thanks to our agreements with independent laboratories which certify to North American standards, this process can be done in a smooth, cost-effective manner.

Through our partnerships with FM and MET we can help customers gain access to the American and Canadian markets. We can test products against UL and CSA standards. Once your products are certified and display the cMETus Mark, your products can be sold throughout the USA and Canada. Use our Export Support Services tool for more detailed information


For Mexico, all products must go through the NOM certification process before they can be sold. The customs law in Mexico requires products to be certified according to their market distribution method and according to their Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code (also known as Harmonized System code or HS code). The Mexican government has adopted product groups which correspond to global HTS codes, linking them to the applicable NOM regulations those products need to comply with.

In total, Mexico has more than 900 NOM regulations. NOM certification is mandatory for many products, such as for cables, many electrical devices and industrial equipment, and power transmission and distribution products. Through our agreement with the national certification body in Mexico we can conduct all the required testing for the NOM Mark for Mexico. In addition, DEKRA maintains all contact with the Mexican Certification Body on your behalf.


Through our agreement with the National Certification Body in Argentina we can conduct all the required testing for the Safety Mark for Argentina. In addition, DEKRA maintains all contact with the Argentinean Certification Body on your behalf.


To export your products to Brazil, you need to comply with the INMETRO technical regulations or ‘portarias’. INMETRO, Brazil’s National Institute for Metrology, Quality and Technology, grants accreditations to testing laboratories and to Certification Bodies, who can then certify products for the Brazilian market. DEKRA has been accredited for conducting quality assessments and granting the conformity certification of products based on its own testing reports, inspection services and according to national and international standards. Since 2012, DEKRA can also issue the recognized DEKRA-INMETRO Mark.


Through our cooperation with a National Certification Body we can easily issue the right test reports in order for you to gain access to Chile.


In Colombia, manufacturers as well as importers are held responsible for compliance with the technical regulations. Only laboratories that have been accredited by the Colombian National Accreditation Agency (ONAC) can perform testing to assess compliance with the relevant requirements to obtain access to the Colombian market. Through our cooperation with a National Certification Body we can easily issue the right test reports in order for you to gain access to Colombia.


Through our cooperation with a National Certification Body we can easily issue the right test reports in order for you to gain access to Ecuador.

With our headquarters in The Netherlands, several offices throughout Europe, our participation in the CENELEC Certification Agreement and a leading position in the European ENEC scheme, at DEKRA we are perfectly placed to help you to gain access to all European countries. Based on DEKRA test reports, you can be awarded the national certification marks of almost all European countries without retesting.

The Middle East offers great opportunities for companies that wish to increase their global footprint. Through our own accreditations and partner network, at DEKRA we are ready to support manufacturers and importers of a wide scope of products and components to obtain the necessary certifications. These include the GCC and CoC Marks, KUCAS and SASO certifications, which enable you to access countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar and Israel.

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) comprises Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Through our business partner in Russia, we are able to apply for the EAC Mark in an efficient and timely manner on your behalf based on DEKRA test results.

Through our agreement with the South African Certification Body, SABS, we can perform all the required testing and issue the necessary test reports. We can issue a CB test report which helps you simplify the procedure to export your products to many countries and to apply for the national certification marks from SABS. In addition, as DEKRA we maintain all contact with the South African Certification Body on your behalf.

With multiple state-of-the art laboratories throughout East Asia and a network of partners, at DEKRA we are well placed to support manufacturers and importers of a wide scope of products and components to obtain the necessary certifications. These include:

  • the CCC Mark for China
  • Safety Mark for Hong Kong
  • JPEx certificate, PSI, TIIS for Japan
  • EAC for Kazakhstan
  • KC and KCC Marks for Korea
  • ST certificate and BIS/S Mark for India
  • SNI for Indonesia
  • ST certificate and SIRIM label for Malaysia
  • PS and ICC Marks for the Philippines
  • S-Safety Mark for Singapore
  • BSMI for Taiwan
  • TISI Mark for Thailand
  • TSE Mark for Turkey

Use our Export Support Services tool for more detailed information.

Australia and New Zealand have regulations that apply to almost all electrical equipment and appliances imported and distributed within the country. The requirements set out in the regulations must be followed.

In the interest of safety, the Electrical Regulatory Authority in each State and Territory of Australia and New Zealand administers uniform regulations aimed at preventing the sale of unsafe electrical equipment. Through our close contact with the regulatory agencies in Australia, DEKRA is able to delivery test reports and certificates accepted by the local authorities.

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