Fire Research Services

Fire Research Services - DEKRA Process Safety

We offer fire tests in smoldering combustion, ignition, flame spread, heat release, and thermal properties

Our fire research services range from basic research to applied fire research. They include:

  • Smoldering combustion
  • Ignition
  • Flame spread
  • Heat release
  • Thermal properties

Applied Fire Research

  • Project management
  • Experimental fires of various sizes
  • Data analysis
  • Test Method Development
  • Design and development of fire test apparatuses and methods
  • Development of measuring techniques

Fire Engineering Services

  • Design and evaluation of building fire parameters for life safety in the event of a fire
  • Design of buildings for life safety using both code and performance based approaches
  • Fire loss prevention engineering

Research Testing Support for Product Development

We provide research and testing support services to manufacturers developing new products or modifying existing products in order to satisfy flammability, fire resistance, or other fire safety related requirements. We have extensive laboratory facilities and substantial expertise in assisting our clients in developing or modifying:

  • Materials – developing new material compositions with optimal flammability properties or modifying existing materials to meet regulatory requirements
  • Assemblies – developing fire resistant assemblies such as partitions and doors
  • Other products – safes, sprinkler systems, cladding and intumescent systems for structural protection, furniture items, mattresses, etc.

Our product development support services include proposal preparation, feasibility studies, full product development, guidance research based on testing of fire properties and suggesting improvements, and standard testing for compliance determination.