Working at Well-being™ Solution

All of us have experienced high levels of stress, distraction, and urgency at one time or another, given all that life brings our way. The good days and the not-so-good days all culminate into our general experience we call life. We know that some people have more positive perceptions than others when viewing the glass half full or half empty, and we differ in how we enjoy the ride, as we move through life.
DEKRA’s Working @ Well-being™ Solution targets well-being improvement, equipping teams to remain highly resilient, weather storms at work and home, and optimize coping skills for daily stressors. Working @ Well-being drives high levels of employee engagement and organizational citizenship behavior, creating communities where individuals, who feel valued, care about their workplace and others.
This whitepaper explores:
  • DEKRA’s wellbeing continuum
  • The three foundational elements of well-being
  • The four ways that DEKRA can help your organization on your well-being journey