The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on the Field of Occupational Safety and Health

The COVID-19 pandemic will redefine the scope of the safety and health profession as we know it because it adds another dimension of what professionals in the field will be called on to do in the months and years to come. Before the pandemic, the safety profession was largely tied to industry. But today, the terms and guidance that safety professionals use with leadership now applies to the greater public. Today, everyone is looking for answers. That includes understanding sanitization best practices, how to predict the impact on the most vulnerable, and how to maintain emergency preparedness.
This white paper, “The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on the Field of Occupational Safety and Health,” is designed to give safety professionals direction for how to navigate their new roles and responsibilities.
This white paper will:
  • Outline how the current expertise of safety and health professionals applies to the new world of COVID-19.
  • Show how safety and health professionals can use data analytics to created more targeted assessments for leadership.
  • Look at how standard hygiene practices in the safety world can be enhanced for leadership that needs guidance in all aspects of their organization.
  • Emphasize how emergency preparedness will become a significant part of the safety and health professional’s new world moving forward.