The ErgoAlign™ System

The Ergo-Align™ process is necessary for organizations that have struggled to determine how to prevent exposure to over-exertion musculoskeletal hazards. What makes Ergo-Align™ so unique is its holistic nature: Not only does it provide a complete framework to help the organization internalize change, but it involves every level of the organization, from frontline workers to the C-Suite.
The Ergo-Align™ process teaches a workforce precisely why specific movements are damaging to their bodies, which will internalize a framework for change. Once leadership understands the root causes of soft-tissue injuries the veil of mystery is lifted and leaders can support and coach the new safe behaviors with confidence.
Through education, skill-building, and exercises, the organization stops becoming reactive to these kinds of injuries but starts becoming proactive to prevent them before they take place.
The white paper, “The Ergo-Align™ Prevention System,” explores:
  • The 7 Step Process of the Ergo-Align™ system.
  • Which ergonomic risk factors represent a type of load on the worker.
  • How Ergo-Align™ helps leadership visualize the root causes of physical injuries and then it leads them to create solutions in the environment or within the process that created them.
  • Why an internal ergonomics governance or oversight group is necessary within an organization.
  • The multi-platform learning approach that ultimately enhances the effectiveness of specific ergonomic safety activities and best practices.