Thought Leaders


Senior Vice President

  • Implementation of behavioral change systems
  • Leadership development
  • Executive Leadership coaching
  • Governance
  • Safety solutions design

“Leaders get what they ask for. Knowing what you want, understanding how to trigger and reinforce the desired actions, and doing it in a deliberate way that shapes high organizational functioning is key. Do you know what you want?”

Rebecca Timmins is an organizational safety industry expert who helps clients improve leadership, safety, and governance by planning and implementing sustainable data collection processes and feedback mechanisms that target specific areas of risk.
Rebecca has implemented behavioral change systems and provided leadership development services for clients both National and Global across industries for over 30 years.
In addition, she excels at leadership development. She designs and delivers individualized leadership coaching services for clients, working one-on-one with senior leaders and decision-makers at site and corporate levels to support organizational initiatives. Her current coaching client base includes approximately 500 individuals from 40 organizations.
Among her successes, Rebecca led a team that helped create a safety-driven culture and feedback-rich environment at a major American protein company. For this client, DEKRA implemented SafeAlign® technology to help build a strong culture focused on exposure reduction that engages senior leaders, management, and front-line employees. This was done through facilitated leadership development for existing, new, and future leaders. During DEKRA’s six-year relationship with the protein company, the client achieved several notable safety milestones, including a greater-than 45% reduction in serious injuries, a 15% reduction of injuries and illnesses for several consecutive years, and reduced employee turnover to about 70% less than its competitors.
Rebecca has written widely on behavioral science topics. She contributed to a chapter on cognitive bias in “Leading with Safety” and has written numerous articles that have appeared in Perspectives™ in Behavioral Management.
Before joining the DEKRA team, Rebecca was a safety engineer and a safety manager working in mid-size manufacturing environments that included heavy equipment fabrication, chemical processing, and printing plant assembly. Her responsibilities included traditional safety compliance, implementing continuous improvement processes based on TQM principles, risk management, ergonomic assessment, and work process/station redesign.
Rebecca holds a master’s degree in systems management with concentration in decision analysis, a dual bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry, and certifications in human resources management, as well as in safety and health.