Pharmaceuticals Industry Safety

Defining the safety vision for pharmaceutical organizations around the world

Leading pharmaceutical companies face the difficult task of staying at the cutting edge of innovation, development and productivity while protecting the health and safety of their employees, those that work with them, and the communities that they serve. The pharmaceutical environment is fast-paced and highly technical; their solutions are global in reach and universal in impact. It is their mission to push the boundaries of science in search of ways to keep people healthier, safer and stronger. And it is our mission to help their employees do the same. This is our collaborative cause, and it is our honor to work with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to innovatively and sustainably further the cause of workplace safety.
We see health and safety as an organizational pillar
Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies are recognizing the need to incorporate safety into their core business strategy. This type of wholesale integration is not only the right thing to do; it actually optimizes value and provides a proven competitive advantage for forward-thinking industry leaders. We help pharmaceutical companies make the transition from seeing safety management simply as an initiative or a tool to fully incorporating safety into the very culture, framework and fabric of their organizations.
Proven experts in the science of safety
Just as any pharmaceutical company is only as good as its scientists and its people, we pride ourselves on the experience, commitment and capabilities of our experts. DEKRA Insight represents a coming together of the world’s leading minds in safety. Our experts share a deep a passion for making work safer—continually collecting and analyzing critical data, leveraging the latest science, working overtime to understand the unique concerns and pressure points of our clients. Our pharmaceutical experts work collaboratively with the leading minds in the industry to streamline processes, eliminate risks and reduce exposures, creating an optimal environment for innovation and productivity and giving your professionals the peace of mind to do the best work they can do.
Serving organizations that serve people
We work with pharmaceutical industry leaders to define and communicate their vision for safety throughout their own organizations. Our solutions help develop open and honest lines of engagement from boardroom to lab. We develop, tailor and implement sustainable strategies that build corporate cultures of safety that grow and mature over time. We anticipate and mitigate exposures to real people ranging from scientists in the lab to sales professionals on the highways. Just as importantly, we take seriously the deep commitment of pharmaceutical organizations to being good citizens to those around them—never overlooking the safety and security of their neighbors, the communities in which they live and work, and the environment itself.