Our Story

In a world of risk, DEKRA Insight is advancing the cause of safety at work

We are consultants and business partners to many of the world’s largest chemical, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, pharmaceutical, and agriculture companies.
Part of DEKRA S.E., a global leader in safety since 1925, we guide clients in evolving both their organizational culture and their operational environment, enabling them to reduce exposures and injuries, save lives, protect assets—and in the process, achieve higher performance.
But the best way to really tell you About Us—is to tell you what we are about.
We are about people. The average adult spends over 90,000 hours at work in his or her lifetime. Our goal is for each of them to return safely to their families every day.
We are about empowerment. We transfer knowledge, data, and best practices to our clients, working with leadership to create safe and sustainable, high-performance cultures.
We are about science. Data, technology, diagnostics. Our exacting scientific approach continually explores new technologies and methodologies, without ever forgetting the real human stakes of what we do.
We are about leadership. DEKRA Insight brings together the finest minds in safety, a who’s-who of category thought leaders, pushing one another to lead our industry in new and dynamic directions.
We are about results. Our results are real and quantifiable. We collect quality-controlled data through rigorous testing, view and interpret the results through the lens of experience, and deliver sustainable change and demonstrable outcomes in injury reduction and process safety.
We are about commitment. The passionate dedication of our people to your people is unmatched in our industry—and is reflected in everything we do.
DEKRA Insight. Safety is not only our mission; it is our calling.