DEKRA’s Methodology For Assessing Safety and Culture

DEKRA’s Methodology For Assessing Safety And Culture

The DEKRA Assessment uses the DEKRA Exposure Reduction™ Model to diagnose vulnerabilities in organizations by focusing on the underlying causes that heighten the exposure to risk. What makes this Assessment so critical is that it delves into exposures that may be unrecognized and therefore not yet addressed. The Assessment will help leaders recognize and control exposures as they arise, which will greatly reduce and ideally eliminate vulnerability to injury at the workplace.
The technical white paper, “DEKRA’s Methodology For Assessing Safety and Culture,” explores:
  • The seven elements influencing the level of exposure within an organization.
  • A step-by-step guide through the Assessment process, from orientation to the development of a roadmap to oversight and support.
  • Why getting a strategic safety plan right is key to producing sustained results in an organization’s culture, systems, and beliefs.
  • How a combination of quantitative and qualitative data is gathered throughout the assessment process.