Oil And Gas Industry Safety

Coaching world-class leadership teams to influence and enforce safety improvement

Oil and Gas: Thoughtful scientific solutions in a high-stakes global environment
Heavy equipment. High pressures. Hazardous chemicals. Flammable materials. Oil and gas industry employees face a higher level of exposure to a wider variety of risks than any other industry. Similarly, industry organizations face extreme exposure to large-scale process compromises that can endanger lives, impact the environment and cost millions of dollars. For an industry that employs thousands and fuels the basic needs and workings of the global economy, these risks must be identified, controlled and mitigated. Our years of experience working with the leading minds in oil and gas have given us a deep understanding of the industry and its inherent safety concerns — an understanding that helps our clients create sustainable organizational cultures of safety and position them for success.
People protecting people
The business of safety in the oil and gas industry is taken extremely seriously. Continually changing circumstances and high stakes require swift action and rigorous preparation. It is our goal to help oil and gas organizations fulfill their commitment to protecting the well being of the employees, families and those who are potentially exposed to harm in the course of their business. To this end, we have assembled the finest group of thought leaders in the safety industry, working together, pushing one another — continually redefining best practice to help our clients provide world-class safety leadership on a thoughtful and sustaining basis.
Developing leadership top to bottom
Great organizations develop cultures that start at the top and filter throughout the enterprise with consistency, transparency and communication. Safety, in particular, is a commitment made at the very top. Leaders must clearly define and tirelessly instill their personal values throughout their organizations. It takes careful planning and thoughtful, efficient execution to establish the platform, define the strategy, and follow through each step of the way. Our proven leadership solutions help leaders from the frontline to the boardroom become powerful agents of cultural change.
Consistent growth and sustainable success
Safety needs to be included among the core tenets of your organization, an integral business function that is influenced by, and in turn influences, operational execution. We work with you to develop big-picture strategies that include safety as an integral business function, unifying safety execution across projects, workgroups, and geographies. The result is sustainable programs that grow over time and deliver comprehensive and consistent execution across all performance areas.
Information powered. People focused.
Science lies at the very heart of the oil and gas industry, and continually fuels our programs and solutions. We provide our clients with the information necessary to operate safely and efficiently. Our data-driven safety solutions and validated diagnostic tools allow our clients optimum visibility, clear-cut direction and definitive feedback on their safety programs, organization-wide. Benchmarking data, leading and lagging indicators, inspection reports, safety metrics and more allow organizations to track improvement and identify areas of focus — quantifying positive performance and protecting people from critical issues and exposures.