Mining Industry Safety

Managing safety through commitment, planning, and execution

The professionals in the mining industry work long hours—often in challenging conditions—in varied climates and regions throughout the world. The results of their labors, gas, coal, minerals and metals, are the fuel that powers agriculture and industry worldwide. Safety risks can range from immediate situations affecting large numbers of people such as fire, flood or collapse, to inhalation or respiratory effects encountered years later. We are proud to work with leaders in the mining industry to proactively address safety in the industry and create safe, high-functioning environments with cultures of safety excellence.
We think differently
Our organization is comprised of a stellar collection of the leading minds in safety, working with proven experts in the mining industry. Given the risks inherent in the mining industry, we believe that safety must be a core tenet of your organization, an integral business function treated with the same level of attention as any other corporate undertaking. Managing this type of ideological sea change requires commitment, careful planning and execution. Our experts help mining clients establish the platform, define the strategy, and follow through on each of the steps in your change process.
We nurture leadership at all levels
Great organizations are lead by great leaders. But great leaders are supported by dedicated level leaders and supervisors throughout their organizations, who are able to articulate, deliver and reinforce the message of safety. Our leadership and supervisory development programs help organizations train and nurture leaders who staunchly support safety – developing powerful, informed agents of change throughout the organization and creating smart, sustaining cultures of excellence.
We believe in total organizational communication
In large-scale, global, geographically diverse industries such as mining, there can often be great distance—literally and figuratively—between management and frontline employees. When dealing with safety initiatives, it is imperative that open, strong lines of communication be available, allowing leaders to clearly articulate and define their vision to their organizations. Equally important is that organizations develop and reinforce vehicles for management to receive input, ensuring that all voices are heard. Our solutions create strong two-way lines of communication that cross over traditional barriers — supervisor/employee, union/management — and build strong foundations for safety excellence and continual organizational growth.
We never forget that processes and programs connect to people
We use cutting-edge diagnostic tools and advanced data collection methods, but we never forget that safety is about people. We strive to create sustainable cultures of safety in the mining industry, cultures that support industry-best productivity, profitability, safety, and environmental stewardship. We help develop organizations where safety is “who we are” — where people value people, and demonstrate their commitment to their culture, to their company and to one another on a daily basis. With the right programs in place, and the right people to implement them, we have seen time and again that the results are extraordinary.