Thought Leaders



Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership assessments for large global clients
  • Intervention design
  • Leadership skill development
  • Human performance reliability and human performance error

“What I love about my work is the opportunity to take valid, evidence-based research and apply it in practical ways to improve everyday safety on the shop floor.”

As head of DEKRA Consulting’s development of cutting-edge services, Mike and his team focus on finding new ways to reduce exposure in the workplace and improve client safety performance.
With extensive experience as a business leader, trusted advisor and military officer, Mike brings to his work a diverse set of skills that has resulted in creating advanced culture and leadership assessment tools for both organizational safety and process safety.
Among its accomplishments, this team has developed an integrated safety change process for first and second level operational leaders, new interventions targeting the reduction of Serious Injury and Fatality exposure in the workplace, and the Making Safe Decisions® solution, which employs the principles of neuroscience to enhance frontline worker defenses to reduce error and improve safety.
He has worked with such government agencies as the Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, U.S. Marine Corps, and Amtrak. His private sector consulting includes clients in the chemicals, healthcare, metals, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, rail mass transit, and nuclear utilities industries.
He has extensive expertise in designing and implementing customized leadership assessment projects for such diverse organizations as a large office products manufacturer, a global aerospace company, and an international pharmaceutical company.
Prior to joining DEKRA, Mike led numerous competency modeling and culture change engagements, evaluating, for example, the transformation initiative of a large technology company’s sales leadership.
A former platoon commander and battalion training officer in the United States Marine Corps, Mike holds a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Ohio University.