Leading Safety During a Financial Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak is not just disrupting everyday life around the world, it is putting businesses into potential peril regarding growth — and safety. The stress created by the crisis may lead to higher levels of at-risk behaviors, which can accelerate when front-line leadership loses focus on safety.
What is crucial to get through these times is for leadership to have a passion for people orientation, meaning having empathy for what your employees are experiencing, treating people with dignity and respect throughout the crisis, and leading with safety. Leading with safety means considering the impact your decision is going to have on the beliefs of the people and culture of the organization.
Leadership in crisis, means being out front, visible, and vocalizing about the “elephant in the room.” Which means talking candidly about what everyone else is already worried about. It also means listening, and avoiding the temptation to make promises that might not be fulfilled. Finally, it means admitting that you don’t have all the answers.
The white paper, “Leading Safety During a Financial Crisis,” is designed for top leadership and decision-makers within an organization, explores:
  • The critical actions that leaders can do to drive safety and its value through times of uncertainty.
  • Why management must make life altering injuries and fatalities their primary concern.
  • What leadership should do if reductions in the workforce are required.
  • How leadership should rethink and refine its strategy during a crisis.
  • Insight into how leadership needs to communicate strategy during a crisis to the workforce.