Leading Safety in a Downturn: 5 Critical Actions for Advancing Safety & Health Performance Right Now

The global recession is over, and yet many organizations across industry are still sputtering toward recovery through fits and starts. Gains in one area of the business are offset by losses in another. Workforces are sized-down, plants and factories consolidated, and expenditures trimmed to the bone. In times like these, safety can take a backseat—if it’s even along for the ride.
This white paper presents five critical actions leaders can take to assure their organization stays focused on safety throughout the economic slowdown and recovery. The challenge is to maintain the appropriate level of exposure reduction with fewer resources, less time, and a workforce that is stretched thin—all while sustaining a culture that supports optimal safety performance. Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The importance of communication in engaging workers in safety
  • How some leadership decisions can send the wrong signals about company values
  • The style of leadership that is best for guiding organizations through change
  • The safety opportunities you can leverage in a contracted economic climate