The Four Pillars of World Class Safety

Achieving world-class status in safety isn’t just about an injury rate below a certain threshold. At DEKRA, we believe how that number is achieved should be regarded higher than achieving a number. A low injury rate is one outcome that results from creating the conditions that qualify an organization for world-class status. And in our view, organizations don’t lose that distinction if they suffer a one-time catastrophic safety incident.
This white paper will focus on the four Pillars of World-class safety as identified by researchers and experts at DEKRA and will help leaders answer the question of "What is world-class safety?"
In our complimentary white paper we explore the Four Pillars of World Class Safety:
1. People – a deep personal commitment to eliminating all harm to people.
2. Focus on Exposure Control – a relentless focus on the exposures that contribute to accidents.
3. Resource and Systems Alignment – providing adequate resources and supportive systems to meet organizational objectives.
4. Embracing Change – a recognition that science, technology and generational change are inevitable and positive.
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