Our Approach to Behavior Based Safety – Behavioral Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP®) Technology

The foundation of all safety improvement efforts is to reduce the level of exposure in the workplace. But without a thorough understanding of what creates exposure and how safety performance occurs within the organization, there is little leaders can do to move their company to zero.
This white paper outlines DEKRA Insight’s approach to behavior based safety, the Behavioral Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP®) technology. BAPP safety is a flexible, systematic, and comprehensive method for improving workplace safety. It focuses on exposure upstream of injuries and is proven to produce sustainable results and meaningful employee engagement. Get your copy and learn:
  • The impact of the working interface on injury causation
  • The four essential elements of effective behavior based safety (BBS)
  • The role senior leaders, managers, and supervisors play in a successful BBS process
  • The positive outcomes enjoyed by organizations implementing BBS