2016 Workplace Safety Strategy Whitepaper & Ebook Released by DEKRA Insight

Oxnard, CA – January 22, 2016 – DEKRA Insight, a global leader in workplace safety consulting, today announced the release of its latest whitepaper and eBook, both geared to help organizations begin a useful 2016 conversation around creating a functional workplace safety strategy.
The whitepaper, “ Safety Strategy, 5 Questions to Ask & Answer to Get Safety Right ,” describes the role of safety strategy in performance improvement and offers questions leaders must be able to ask and answer in order to guide strategy development process and execution.
The whitepaper takes the reader through understanding a safety strategy, and then poses five critical questions around developing a unique safety strategy that is functional for the individual organization. The paper guides the reader through topics such as:
  • Developing a cross-functional team
  • Components of a safety strategy
  • Executing a strategy
  • Change management process
Ted Apking, PhD, President, Organizational Safety for DEKRA Insight and whitepaper author comments, “Through years of practical experience, we have learned comprehensive safety excellence simply can’t be achieved through tactical activities alone. Excellence will come about only through a strategy that is driven from the top and engages everyone in the organization.”
Following the whitepaper, organizations can use DEKRA Insight’s newly released eBook, “ The Roadmap to Safety Excellence: 8 Essential Steps for Change ” to further develop the strategy ideas and conversation from the whitepaper.
Both the whitepaper and eBook are available for complimentary download:
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