What Your Safety Data Should Be Telling You - White Paper and eBook Released

Oxnard, CA – March 15, 2016 – Nothing promises safety leaders knowledge like big data. But that promise can be unfulfilled without the right processes and tools. DEKRA Insight, a global leader in safety at work, today announced the release of its latest whitepaper and eBook , aimed at helping organizations make smart decisions with safety data.
What Your Safety Data Should Be Telling You ,” reveals essential principles that every leader should know about safety data – and how to collect, analyze, and use it. Learn:
  • Key terms and ideas in data analytics
  • Why organizations struggle to get more out of safety data
  • Three questions that good data collection and analysis should seek to answer
  • Four principles for leveraging data
“Leadership needs data to make sound decisions. But as injury rates drop, data becomes more scarce. Even with good data, poor presentation can lead to confusion or bias. We want organizations to become educated about all aspects of data to yield valuable insight for leadership,” comments Donald Groover, SVP DEKRA Insight and whitepaper co-author.
“The challenge for today’s safety leaders is to leverage technologies and thought leadership to expand the role of data analytics. We believe this is the critical next horizon, and will help safety leaders examine why occurrences happen, predict and prevent catastrophic events, and create safer work environments for all,” concluded Michael Mangan, PhD, Vice President, DEKRA Insight and whitepaper co-author.
Organizations are encouraged to download DEKRA Insight’s follow-up eBook, “ The Art of Actionable Information: What Your Safety Data Should Be Telling You ” to further develop the topic, including:
  • Decoding buzzwords around safety data
  • Understanding the real promise of Big Data
  • What leaders want from their data
  • The barriers to effective analytics
About DEKRA Insight
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