Cambridge University Research Produces New Insight on Future of Behavior-Based Safety

Oxnard, CA – August 24, 2017 – DEKRA Insight, a global leader in safety at work, relying on the independent research of University of Cambridge has new research on DEKRA’s Behavioral Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP®) approach.
For 30 years, employee-driven safety systems – more commonly known as behavior-based safety (BBS)– have been widely implemented. Cambridge University approached DEKRA to study BBS technology and its relevance to business performance management today.
The research and findings are available in a new whitepaper which reveals some new answers on the effectiveness of the BAPP approach to BBS on performance with implications for the future of BBS efforts.
“Looking at BAPP technology today, one might wonder if the robust methods are truly worth the extra effort over a typical ’plug-and-play‘ BBS effort. Given DEKRA’s value for continuous improvement and scientific rigor, this seemed the perfect opportunity to put our approach to the test,” commented Gennifer Lyons, DEKRA Insight Manager of Research & Development.
Key findings from the Cambridge study include:
  • Confirmation that BAPP technology worked to reduce incidents by 25% in year one, 35% in year two and 45% by year three.
  • Participation vs. intensity – having fewer observers doing more observations is more effective.
  • Localize or generalize – having observers provide feedback on fewer areas is better.
  • Clients who focus on fewer critical issues, who adapted to changing risks, and who coached observers also did better than those who did fewer of these activities.
Download the complimentary whitepaper, “The Future of Behavior-Based Safety” to learn:
  • Key elements optimizing the effective BBS processes
  • BBS strategies that are not worth the effort
  • How to create a more efficient observation process that will net 2x the results
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