DEKRA Launches New Solution & Event Around the Brain's Role in Safety & Reliability at Work

Oxnard, CA – March 29, 2018 – DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability, a global leader in safety at work, has launched a new practice area and solution set, the Brain-Centric Reliability™ system, to help organizations understand the brain’s role in safety.
The Brain-Centric Reliability system uses Applied Neuroscience combined with High Performance Reliability Organization (HighPRO) Principles to define the why of human behavior on the job and eliminate human performance errors related to critical operational activities.
“For decades now, leaders have been trying to reduce human errors on the job and understand why good employees sometimes make critical errors. Now, for the first time, we can create right-first-time performance. This is based on our new understanding of how employees make risk-based decisions in the moment, as well as how and when the human brain will likely increase our risk for making an operation critical error,” commented David Musgrave, Vice President of DEKRA’s Brain-Centric Reliability system.
“Brain-Centered Hazard risks very often go unaddressed, significantly increasing vulnerability to unplanned events and catastrophes as we’ve seen all too often even within safety mature organizations. Safety performance plateaus and near misses rooted in human error may increase, along with misperceptions in level of risk. It’s time to adjust our work....with the human brain in mind. Our new Brain-Centric Reliability system truly revolutionizes the way we look at human reliability,” stated Ted Apking, President of DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability.
In order to provide a deeper understanding of this new practice area, DEKRA is hosting a one-day seminar: The Leader's Role in Mitigating Human Error in Atlanta, GA on April 25, 2018. Providing leaders with the missing link that bridges the gap between systems and outcomes, this seminar will cover:
  • Human Errors and the Wonders of Inconsistency
  • How the Human Brain Really Works
  • Understanding Brain-Centered Hazard™ Exposure in the Workplace
  • Mitigating Brain-Centered Hazard™ Exposure: What's Required?
  • Powering Human Performance Reliability: The Role of Leaders
  • For more information about the seminar or to register to attend visit
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