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Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR)


In addition to our visual inspection services, we offer a full range of foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) services that will locate and remove unwanted foreign material from your system.

DEKRA is the trusted industry choice for all FOSAR applications. Our team of skilled technicians combine state-of-the-art remote visual inspection (RVI) technology with custom retrieval tools to accomplish the most difficult FOSAR tasks. Our technicians carry a wide array of retrieval tools that can perform any retrieval task possible. With remote-operated claws and in-line tools built into cameras, foreign material will be safely removed from your plant systems. In fact, our retrieval success rate is greater than 99%.

When you have a retrieval need, trust us to perform the inspection and to remove the foreign material with minimally invasive access into your equipment. Our goal is to save you time and money through reduced downtime. Take advantage of our exclusive Critical Path Response program when the removal of the foreign material is of the utmost importance.

Our FOSAR service is a solution to a loss of FME control. Foreign material can appear during any stage of a component’s life cycle. Through scheduled outages or routine maintenance, foreign material has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to a system’s integrity. DEKRA Inspections, Inc., is your trusted partner for maintaining your plant systems operational and efficient.

Our Services

  • Turbine Cleanouts
  • Main Condenser Cleanouts
  • Discovery of Blockages
  • Retrieval of Damaged Components
  • As Found / As Left Verification
  • Recovery of Dropped Items
  • Critical Path Foreign Material Concerns
  • Examination of New Components Pre-Installation

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Joseph Calabrese

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