DEKRA Equipment Maximization Tracker™

A Powerful Maintenance Tracking App

DEKRA Equipment Maximization Tracker

DEKRA Equipment Maximization Tracker (EMT)™ helps reduce downtime and boost profits

If auto repair shops want to maintain profitability, it’s critical to avoid unplanned lift-bay downtime. A typical shop disruption can cost between $1,000 and $2,000 in lost billable time—not to mention equipment repair costs and a potential drop in customer satisfaction. With DEKRA’s Equipment Maximization Tracker (EMT), auto repair and collision centers can proactively manage key equipment maintenance activities. This results in less downtime, increased profitability and enhanced employee safety.

Using cutting-edge technology, DEKRA EMT allows you to stay a step ahead of equipment maintenance issues and avoid disruptive equipment breakdowns. This convenient app tracks and documents key equipment maintenance and performance issues. With all the equipment safety data you need at your fingertips, DEKRA EMT provides the ultimate peace of mind.

DEKRA EMT benefits include:

  • Reminders when performance maintenance checks are due

  • Tracking of action items and completion status

  • Storage of all data and images

For as little as $39.99 a month, you will gain 100% visibility into all the info you need to maintain your equipment at optimal performance. By avoiding even one minor repair, DEKRA EMT could pay for its entire annual subscription in within the first week*!

*Based on typical breakdown costs and lost billable time.

EMT mobile app

DEKRA EMT is fully customizable to meet your unique needs

Offering real-time scheduling and monitoring, DEKRA EMT helps simplify difficult, time-consuming processes. Tap into this dynamic app to:

  • Assess and track key maintenance activities within your shop or across different locations
  • Manage compliance requirements and flag corrective actions
  • Document required activities using equipment-specific manuals, photographs and instructions
  • Track manufactured-recommended maintenance intervals to support your warranty approval process
  • Send automated emails with required corrective actions directly to a repair team
  • Customize a maintenance schedule to meet your shop’s needs

Benefits that Make a Difference

With DEKRA EMT, repair shops enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased profitability
  • Enhanced employee and equipment safety
  • Easy proof-of-compliance to OSHA and other regulatory organizations
  • Reduced down time and lost billings
  • Greater transparency and accountability
  • Potential for lower insurance premiums