DEKRA laboratories recognized by the Connectivity Standards Alliance

DEKRA to support the smart home market by delivering testing services for Matter standard

Nov 03, 2022
  • Matter standard enhances interoperability in the smart home ecosystem by enabling communication across IoT products from different brands and platforms.
  • DEKRA laboratories in Málaga, Spain, and Guangzhou, China, have been validated by the Connectivity Standards Alliance to test products according to Matter certification program.
DEKRA has been recognized as an authorized test laboratory by the Connectivity Standards Alliance to provide testing and validation services according to Matter standard. Matter is a new, open smart home protocol that improves interoperability by enabling communication across devices from different brands and platforms. The Alliance has recently announced the opening of the Matter certification program and has authorized DEKRA laboratories in Málaga, Spain, and Guangzhou, China, to provide pre-certification testing, formal testing, test harness training and validation services according to Matter specifications.

“We are glad to be an authorized test lab for Matter, a standard created by the industry's most prominent players and in which we have contributed with our experience as a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance. Matter standard is a significant milestone for IoT's ecosystem present and future, and we are ready to support customers to ensure the right deployment and interoperability of this Matter technology in their products", said Noemí Pérez Dans, IoT Laboratory Manager at DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U. in Málaga, Spain.

"We are very pleased to have DEKRA, with their testing experience and reputation, support the Alliance's Matter technology launch. Their participation offers even greater choice to companies looking for certification testing against the new standard", stated Jon Harros, Head of Certification and Testing Programs and Director of Certifications of the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

"Matter standard benefits consumers and manufacturers of the smart home ecosystem, since this technology makes smart home devices from different brands compatible with each other and controllable from a single app. Matter simplifies and makes it easier to sort out interoperability challenges in devices. Besides, it offers better reliability and security when devices communicate", indicated Charles Chi, Vice President, Consumer Testing, South China, DEKRA.

The Matter standard is IP-based, and to make its adoption easier, will use some existing technologies, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy and Thread. In fact, DEKRA is also a recognized laboratory to certify Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thread technologies, and recently has been the first lab to certify a Thread V1.3.0 Component.

In addition to upgrading the interoperability between IoT devices, Matter standard also ensures secure and reliable connectivity to guarantee the devices connected to users' homes and networks are authentic, certified, and up-to-date devices, and provides consistent and responsive connectivity.

To design Matter standard, companies that are members of the Alliance have worked together bringing their technologies, experience and innovations to ensure Matter meets the needs of all stakeholders including users, product makers, and platforms. DEKRA is also a member and has contributed with its long experience in connectivity to developing this standard.

In its first release, Matter supports a variety of common smart home products, including lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, window coverings and shades, safety and security sensors, door locks, media devices including TVs, controllers as both devices and applications, and bridges. In addition, the Connectivity Standards Alliance has announced they are working to support new types of devices.

In addition to Matter standard, DEKRA offers a broad scope of services for Internet-of-Things devices and wireless products. From connectivity testing and certification services for technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and ULE, to cybersecurity testing and certification services like ioXt Alliance Certification Program, Amazon Alexa Voice Service Testing Program and GSMA IoT Security Assessment, among others.