DEKRA sets direction for future growth

Dec 07, 2022
  • DEKRA proceeds with its growth strategy and reaffirms its ambition to become the leading force in safety, security and sustainability, digitalize its entire service portfolio, and improve its profitability.
  • New Board positions for Digital Transformation and Global Operations will be established as of January 1st, 2023. Together with Mr. Zurkiewicz as CEO and Mr. Linsenmaier as CFO they will complement the Management Board of DEKRA SE.
  • Service Divisions and strategic corporate units which are responsible for future orientation of the Group will report directly to CEO.
  • The adapted organization will accelerate transformation of the Group and facilitate execution of Focus Strategy 2025.
  • Ulrike Hetzel (50), Chief Technology Officer and member of the Board of Management who has made a significant contribution to innovation, service excellence and digitalization of the Group will leave the company at her own request to pursue opportunities outside DEKRA.
  • "The newly established business structure gives DEKRA the best of both worlds. Maximum customer centricity and entrepreneurship in our regions and maximum, focused development power for future digitalization," said Stan Zurkiewicz, Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO of DEKRA.
  • The Supervisory Board of DEKRA SE approved the new structure of the Board of Management on December 6, 2022 and thanks Ulrike Hetzel for her unwavering commitment to DEKRA over the past two years.
In the context of accelerating transformation of the TIC industry, DEKRA announces new composition of its Board of Management. Some significant management and organizational changes are set to take place as of January 1st, 2023. These changes are designed to achieve greater strategic focus, increase the speed of transformation, improve profitability and better serve the needs of customer across the globe.
Strengthened global position and improve business results
To strengthen DEKRA’s position in the key markets, improve business results and to better serve the needs of its customers across the globe DEKRA will establish a new position of a Chief Operating Officer in the Board of Management. “Our ambition is to enlarge our footprint in the strategic growth markets of North America and Asia and to deliver the best customer experience, both physical and digital, of any TIC organizations” said Stan Zurkiewicz DEKRA’s CEO.
Strong focus on transformation by digitalization and IT
Considering ongoing transformation of mobility and the megatrends of sustainability and digitalization, the company has defined five corporate focus areas: Future Mobility, Cyber Security, Remote Services, AI & Advanced Analytics, and Sustainability. DEKRA will seek to further improve existing service portfolio and, at the same time, develop new and especially digital services. Given the prominence of digitalization in DEKRA’s strategy, a position of Chief Digitalization Officer will be established as Member of the Management Board.
To increase focus and accelerate transformation of the Group, going forward, Service Divisions responsible for future orientation of the Group will report directly to the CEO.
Ulrike Hetzel (50) currently Chief Technology Officer has made a personal decision to pursue opportunities outside DEKRA to take over a high-level leader-ship position within another company as of January 1st, 2023. Stan Zurkiewicz, CEO of DEKRA added: "I would like to sincerely thank my esteemed colleague Ulrike Hetzel for her extraordinary dedication and contribution to DEKRA. Over the last two years Ulrike significantly shaped her area of responsibility and has had a significant impact on our successes throughout all service divisions and corporate focus areas. I personally wish Ulrike all the best for her future.”