DEKRA North America is thrilled to collaborate with OmniAir Consortium®

DEKRA North America and OmniAir Consortium® Announce Advanced Certification Program for Multi-Protocol RFID Tolling Equipment

May 13, 2024
DEKRA North America is thrilled to collaborate with OmniAir Consortium® in the enhancement and expansion of the certification program for multi-protocol RFID tolling tags and readers. This program now includes a comprehensive certification for devices operating with 6C, 6B-80K, and TDM tolling protocols, reflecting the latest advancements in tolling technology.
"We at DEKRA are proud to have reached this milestone working side by side with experts from OmniAir Consortium, Tolling agencies, and Tolling equipment manufacturers. Following our strategy in Future Mobility, we strive to advance transportation and tolling towards higher interoperability," Fernando Rodriguez– Vice President of Strategic Development and Director of OmniAir Board.
The OmniAir® Certification program offers rigorous testing and certification processes, facilitated by DEKRA’s expertise in the following areas:
  • Protocol Conformance: Ensuring that devices adhere to specific communication protocols.
  • Environmental Testing: Evaluating device performance across various environmental conditions.
  • Minimum Performance Testing: Verifying device functionality against established performance criteria.
  • Interoperability Testing: Assessing device compatibility with other certified equipment.
  • Field Testing: Testing device performance in real-world scenarios, including both single and multi-protocol environments.
  • Optional Testing: Providing additional tests tailored for specific use cases.
"Our lab in Virginia is ready to test and certify tolling tags and readers for manufacturers seeking OmniAir Certification per the new Multiprotocol Program," stated Bryan Mikesh – Managing Director – DEKRA North America.
This program builds on OmniAir’s substantial experience in certifying single-protocol 6C RFID tags and readers, as well as connected vehicle radios supporting cellular-based or C-V2X technology. The program also leverages DEKRA’s well-equipped facility in Sterling, VA for ensuring certified devices meet the highest standards for interoperability and reliability.
For more information or to apply for certification, manufacturers are encouraged to contact us directly or visit the OmniAir website. This initiative underscores DEKRA’s ongoing commitment to promoting safety and interoperability within the tolling and transportation industries. Please use this link to assist with contacting DEKRA Certification, Inc​.