DEKRA Certification is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.

DEKRA Certification, Inc. Receives Recognition from the National Radio Research Agency

Jun 27, 2024
DEKRA Certification, Inc., a leading company in technology product testing and certification, is pleased to announce its recent acknowledgment by the National Radio Research Agency (RRA) as a US Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This acknowledgment confirms DEKRA Certification’s dedication to upholding the highest standards in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.
Accreditation Details:
  • Identification No.: US0215
  • Scope of Recognition: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), specific to standards including KS C 9811, KS C 9814 series, KS X 3124 series, and KS C IEC 60601-1-2, among others.
This accreditation ensures that DEKRA Certification, Inc. can offer EMC testing services for products intended for the Korean market, affirming the equipment meets rigorous international standards. Such recognition not only supports DEKRA’s capability in accurate and reliable testing but also strengthens its position to assist manufacturers in navigating market entry efficiently.
"We are immensely proud to receive this recognition from the National Radio Research Agency," said Domingo Gálvez Dueñas, Laboratory Manager at DEKRA Certification, Inc. "This endorsement not only highlights our testing capabilities and adherence to international standards but also reinforces our mission to facilitate faster and smoother market access for our clients."
"Our dedication to providing excellent EMC services is central to our efforts to develop and enhance our digital product solutions, ensuring that our clients meet global market requirements," said Andrés Moreno Aguilar, Senior Vice President of Service Operations in North America. "This accreditation is proof of our team's expertise and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the industries we serve."
Bryan Mikesh, Managing Director at DEKRA Certification, Inc., emphasized, "We are dedicated to upholding rigorous testing standards while consistently broadening our range of services to meet the changing demands of our clients. We are devoted to being a reliable partner in their success, offering comprehensive support and creative solutions that empower them to excel in a competitive global market."
The accreditation enhances the testing capabilities at DEKRA's advanced facility situated at 405 Glenn Drive, Sterling, VA. This facility offers services including Product Certification , Cybersecurity , Connectivity , and Mobility . It is equipped with advanced testing laboratories designed to meet the highest quality and safety standards required in various industries.
About DEKRA Certification, Inc.: DEKRA Certification, Inc. is a global leader in testing and certification of electronic and electrical products. We ensure that products are safe, secure, and meet the highest standards. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in regulatory requirements across different markets enable us to guide manufacturers through the complexities of product certification.